Dr Who Back to Earth

Leah Brotherhead features in all star cast Dr Who ‘Back to Earth’.

Our lovely client Leah Brotherhead who guest stars in the classic Dr Who production ‘Back to Earth’ Across three generations, Mandy’s family are vividly brought to life, from Wendy Craig’s crotchety Great Aunt Bette to Hayley Tammadon’s scatty Auntie Sue. For her part, Leah Brotherhead brilliantly enlivens Mandy – she’s believably restless, looking for adventure but tied to her family too.

Touching and clever, this is a subtly constructed tale which plays out over successive New Years. Simultaneously heartbreaking and life-affirming, it’s remarkably difficult to review without spoiling. The script does a lot with a little; despite mentions of the various other relatives present, there are only four in the guest cast – the other being the charmingly gormless Frank (@Greig Johnson)