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Est 2020

SN Voices (aka SNV) was founded at the end of 2020, yep, slap bang in the middle of Covid and it gave founder Simone Nylander an opportunity to think what she wanted to do with her career. As the world was in lockdown, literally in standstill, restrictions in place, it made sense for her to utilise that time and make a few ‘Nylander life adjustments’.

Simone knew she wanted to continue her career as a voiceover agent, passionate about finding emerging to established, fresh to marketable voices as well as playing a pivotal role in the casting process and not to mention an appetite for all things ‘agent related’ which was always the main drive and focus. With the experience Simone has notched up over the years, it only made sense that she started her own voiceover agency where she could selectively cherry pick a variety of voice talent to be part of the ‘SNV Family roster’.

So, there you have it, during lockdown ‘SN Voices’ voiceover specialists & management was born, the one stop exclusive agency and mini enterprise based in central London, representing a diverse range of voices from actors, spoken word artists, comedians, singers to models, presenters to commentators, a mix studio of voice talent who are ready to be behind the mic for a wide spectrum of your recording projects.

SN Voices is also partnered with Nylander★Shaw agency which also represents UK and international talent on the theatrical side, a match made in heaven!

Whether you’re casting for a commercial, documentary, animation/video games, audio books, promos, corporate work, eLearning, ADR, to a wide spectrum of voiceover genres. Where there is a voiceover element, the SNV team loves matching the perfect voice for your production.

Have a listen to our roster of talent.

Simone Nylander

SN Voices Founder

Simone Nylander started her career in front of the camera as a child actress and played the part of Janet St Claire aka ‘Rolaaaand’ in the classic legendary children’s television series Grange Hill by television Producer/Script writer Phil Redmond. Despite her experience in front of the camera and being exposed to behind the scenes at an early age, Simone learned the production process and it was from that period, she realised that being behind the scenes was where her passion lay.

Having worked in representation as an agent/producer in the voiceover field for well over a decade at some of the major agencies in the UK and US. She’s cast for commercials, radio, theatre and film as well as running a Voiceover agency, covering all aspects of high-profile talent in film & Drama, TV/Entertainment, Comedy, Music and Radio.

She joined the YMU Group (previously James Grant/Rabbit), heading up the voiceover division. Previous to stepping into the voiceover industry, she has worked for TV Production and Entertainment companies, including 19 Entertainment (Simon Fuller’s enterprise) now known as XIX Entertainment. She also worked extensively in production and development for Channel Four and the BBC, ranging from directing documentaries to series producing. Simone Nylander has brought some of the most creative recognisable talent in the industry to the agencies she has worked at and is committed to nurturing new and diverse talent.

Simone Nylander has worked in leading agencies for over 30 years and is versatile working with various brands direct, advertising agencies to TV networks, Production houses, TV commercials, Brand campaigns, Radio to Cinema. She has a natural flare in being collaborative and can assess projects based on their constraints and work out the best way of achieving the requisite production value for both the agency and end client.

Deborah Shaw


Talent Management & Production

Est 2020

Shaw originally trained in sales before she became a publicist in the late 1980s for Lynne Franks PR. From 1993 to 2003, Deborah developed her career in Los Angeles where she worked as a Talent Manager for seven years. Initially working for a small company, she then joined the prestigious John Crosby Management team and worked closely with clients such as Rene Russo, John Hurt, Charlize Theron, James Denton (Desperate Housewives), Orla Brady (BBC’s Mistresses). It was in this role that Deborah met and signed Shia LaBeouf in her first month at John Crosby Management. In 2015 she set up Kismet Gold agency in London and built up her client base of British and international talent.

Deborah prides herself in being straight talking, on building long-term personal relationships with her clients and ensuring they have a collaborative long-term vision and plan for success in accordance with their individual strengths and goals.