Jamie Kenna


  • Country: United Kingdom

Upbeat, Confident, Conversational, Relatable

Jamie’s Natural tone is rich, warm and friendly. His voice is strong and avuncular, trustworthy, confident and dependable. He also has a natural ‘Cheeky Chappie’ style to his voice, his natural accent is Kent/south London.

Jamie has been an actor for over 20 years and has worked at consistently high level across all mediums of the industry. He is originally from Kent and has South London roots. This gives his voice an interesting rich estuary cockney mix for a native accent. He also has an excellent ear for accents and dialects, many of which he has performed professionally through many of his VOICE, T.V, FILM and THEATRE credits.

His versatility has meant he has been able to advertise many different and varied products over the years. In addition to this, his extensive acting experience means he has been extremely equipped to deliver drama and comedy in equal measure when working on Radio Plays and Documentaries.

Jamie is also a Singer. He has performed in musical theatre and regularly plays acoustic gigs. His voice is Baritone/Bass and has a powerful yet relaxed folky tone.

Jamie gave everything up and followed his dream to become an actor/performer, this means he relishes every opportunity that comes his way which, makes him passionate and enthusiastic about his work and his excitement to work on new projects never wains.


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