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  • Country: United Kingdom

Liverpudlian, Young, Fresh, Girl next door, Friendly, Relatable

India can lend her voice to wide range of voiceover work from Commercials, Gaming to Documentaries and Audiobooks. India trained at The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. She enjoyed three years training in Acting and now spends time in between both Liverpool and London.

India loves verbatim theatre and has a real passion for sharing stories and experiences of others to create theatre. She wrote and performed a show called ‘Don’t Shh Me’ that was performed at the Unity theatre in 2019, a show based around the real experiences of young woman and what it is like growing up in the 21st century.

India also performed in a show called ‘Red and Black’ with award winning theatre company Slung Low, who specialise in immersive theatre. She thoroughly enjoyed the experience of theatre outside its conventional spaces and taking the audience out into the streets of Liverpool to tell the moving events of her city’s history.

She also started her own small business in holistic therapies in 2020 as she has a great appreciation for health and wellbeing using natural remedies and healing as her methods.



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