Florian Hutter


French Canadian, Smooth, Engaging, Versatile

French Canadian, irresistibly smooth tone of voice, you can enhance your next commercial, promo to documentaries. Florian’s voice can keep your audience informed and entertained; his contemporary tone is perfectly suited for a wide spectrum of voice recordings. Florian Hutter was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. From a very early age he always wanted to be an actor.

At age 16 he was admitted into the Dome Theatre program of Dawson College, one of Canada’s premier drama schools. Having always had a deep love of Shakespeare, which his teachers instilled in him, Florian left Canada and set out to live in London where he would spend his first formative years as a professional actor.

After five years in the UK and the desire to expand his horizons in his mother tongue, he moved to Paris where he has been ever since. Florian has worked for film, tv, theatre, video games and voice and is always looking for the next project to dig his teeth in.



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